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There are two essential terms we implemented in Announcement Feeds app. Understanding them is crucial to effective work with the application. The terms are:

  • Announcement
  • Feed
ANNOUNCEMENTA single message displayed to users.
FEEDSet of announcements that are similar (in some way) one to another.

(info) An announcement is a single piece of information (notification) targeted to Jira users.

There are many different types of announcements, but after creating a certain number, you can notice that in some respects some of them are similar. For example, some are targeted for your Support Team only, while others need to reach all of your Jira users. Obviously, creating similar announcements from scratch is unnecessary overhead.

At this point... we present you a feed! A feed is a set of announcements similar to each other in terms of types, applications (Jira Software or Jira Service Management), places, response buttons, audience, or manage and feedback permissions.

By using feeds, you gain much more control over your announcements, while cutting overhead.

As you can see grouping in feeds will be very useful for people supervising projects - they have all announcements regarding their selected project in one place, instead of searching a long list of announcements available to everyone.


Please see the table below for some use cases of Feeds and Announcements

#Use caseFeedAnnouncement
1System outages and failuresList of all outages for a single system displayed in Jira's Top Menu BarSingle information about outage with the specific date and outage description
2Planned maintenanceList of planned maintenance activities shown as a dialog window in JSD Customer PortalMessage for each maintenance activity (displayed until the end of the maintenance downtime)
3Project newsAll project-related announcements displayed to project members under Top Menu BarEach project information with the possibility to track users' responses