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What is Idea Hub? 

We have created Idea Hub to change the concept of work of people responsible for product development, but also such departments as Customer Success or marketing.

Our App allows your Company to turn Jira into an Idea Hub, in which both your users and employers can submit new ideas, vote, comment and develop these into actual solutions.

How does it work?

By installing an app in Jira and linking it to an existing project, you create a separate entity called an Idea Portal. In this portal, the users can submit ideas, while the stakeholders moderate the ideation process and make final decisions on idea development.

Why do I need Idea Hub?

The following "Organization Development Decalogue" illustrates why Idea Hub is a must-have for any modern, self-aware organization.

  1. Customer-Centric
    Sales and Customer Care departments are to close the customer's case as soon as possible. Ideation reverses this model and sets the company on "customer-centered" thinking. We strive to keep in touch with the client as long as possible, animate him and build lasting relationships with him.

  2. Loyalty
    It is easy to imagine that we are missing something in the application that we have been using for years. Instead of looking for a new one, which may be associated with a number of problems, such as e.g. migration of large amounts of data or devoting time to study, we can influence the company to introduce modifications to its product in this context. This increases the loyalty and involvement of users. 

  3. Customer Success
    The world knows very well situations of great customer service because they spread in the network as virals.
    Idea Portal gives the organization a great tool for similar possibilities - providing the client with exactly what he needs may prove to be the path to widespread success, and the process of acquiring clients will be shortened thanks to a series of commands and positive feedback from their clients.

  4. Long-term strategy
    The Idea Portal administrator can also become a person who will put high-quality information on the organization's strategy. Through a brief analysis, it will be very easy for him to read the gaps in the product and the direction in which the organization should go. The money saved for market research and customer analysis can be significant and the discoveries surprising.

  5. Market needs
    Release always on time and always precisely what the market needs. Research shows that often large steps of an organization prove to be unsuccessful. There are many reasons for this - one of them is the fact that the market is not yet ready for a given product or service. There are many cases in which particular products that work perfectly in one market are completely different. Idea Portal allows predicting specific customer needs and the next steps in increasing the quality or expanding the organization's services.

  6. Self-service
    More and more research indicates new generations in the context of aware customers - before purchasing decisions they turn on comparison engines, watch tests and read opinions in opposition to waiting for the offer to be sent.
    At the moment when a potential customer encounters our organization, he will receive a collection of information about the unusual way of customer care and the possibility of influencing the product. We reach out to him.

  7. Real-time information
    Clients are impatient - it's fact. They want to know the progress of his work. Instead of constant communication with customer service "at what stage is my idea" Idea Portal provides transparent status information, and in the event of successful action in connection with the idea submitted by the customer receives ongoing information about progress in the form of a percentage of implementation.
    The function is crucial in building a sense of security, trust, and control.

  8. Whim or need?
    The Idea Portal Moderator through precise questions and continuous contact with the user is able to learn the real needs and indicate what is key for him in the change he proposes.
    Already at a very early stage, it can show an alternative option whether to examine to what extent the idea is consistent with the vision of a wider group of users.

  9. Representative moderator
    The moderator also exists as a "face" of the organization - having a representative leads to increased trust in the eyes of current and future clients.
    The moderator becomes an advisor and the client feels that there is a person who is working on the success of the process.

  10. Non-stop available
    Customers decide when to contact us and do not feel limited by the hours of our helpline. All the time they can introduce their ideas, and more importantly talk to each other and build an internal community.

Idea Hub is an application which directly responds to the Organization Development Decalogue, providing your company with a complete system for gathering feedback from both customer and employees, giving them access to a user-friendly and good-looking interface for submitting their ideas, together with a great platform to assess, rate and implement these ideas into real-world solutions.

The future is now, and it's called Idea Hub.

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