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Adding Services using the Add Services button

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission. Choose the cog icon > Add-ons then go to the Pulse section and choose Services.
    (info) Tip: Use a Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing Service.
  2. Click the Add Services button. The dialog displays the Standard choices for Services by default. You may also click the Advanced option in the bottom left corner to enter detailed setup mode (for advanced users only).
  3. Select the chosen Services by clicking on them and confirm your choice with the Next button.

  4. Configure the selection criteria of Protocol Data for your field by adding the Name for a Services and optionally its description. Confirm your choice with the Next button.
    (info) Tip: After selecting the Advanced button, the selected action will cancel the current Protocol Data settings.

  5. Select the check box (Create issue?) when the Service checkbox is to be checked. You can return by clicking the Previous button.
    (info) Tip: After selecting the Advanced link, the selected action will cancel the current Issue Data settings.

  6. Confirm the whole process by clicking the Save button. You can return by clicking the Previous button.
  7. Cancel the process by clicking the Close button.

You will now be able to find your Services listed in Pulse > Services. 

Testing Services 

You can use this feature e.g. if you want to test your network services. Results of this service will be available to see in the reports section.

Testing a service can be selected from the Services list.

Editing and Deleting Services

You can edit or delete your settings Services any time.

Editing /Deleting services can be selected from the Services list.

Disabling and Enabling Services

Services can be disabled. You can use this feature e.g. if you want to temporarily prevent checks from being executed. Service data and historical data will be preserved but the service will not be available in the monitoring section as well as no new issues will be created.

Enabling/Disabling services can be selected from the Services list.