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This post function allows you to set the issue field value on the basis of another field value from the current issue or its parent. For example, this post function can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Update the subtasks resolution with the parent issue resolution
  • Copy the old description to another searchable field
  • Update the subtasks environment with the parent environment
Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Post function parameters

This post function takes the following parameters:

  • Source Field - a list of Jira standard and custom fields. This is the source of value. You can choose field from current issue or it parent (if exists)
  • Destination Field - field to be updated. You can also update subtask/parent field
  • Add source value(s) to destination field - ticking this option will add missing options to the destination custom field (if it's dictionary-based) or append source text to the existing destination field value.
  • Copy to destination field - a condition to check the destination field.

Please note that this post function does a simple check to determine if copying for some types of fields is possible. If the check fails, you will see this message after adding the post function:

This error will occur, e.g. when you try to copy the current assignee to the "due date" field.

Example of use

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