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What is Workflow PowerBox?

Workflow PowerBox is a solution that extends JIRA's workflow capabilities by a set of powerful templates that allow JIRA administrators to reuse workflow elements (such as conditions, validators and post functions) and manage workflows as flexible as possible.

The app contains three template types:

  • Condition templates
  • Validator templates
  • Post function templates

It also comes with a set of custom conditions, validators and post functions that can be used with templates or directly in JIRA workflows.

"Getting Started" Video:

Basic Functionalities

Adding a new Template

The Workflow PowerBox Plugin gives you a possibility to create pre-defined templates that consist of a set of conditions or validators or post functions - depending on what kind of a template you are working on. You can easily create the desired template by logging to the Jira's Administration page and choosing the Issues > Workflow tab.

Clicking on the Conditions or Validators or Post Functions Template buttons, they will redirect you to the pages where you can create a template with a set of workflow elements.


Adding a Template to the workflow

Templates can be used in particular transitions in a workflow. This saves a lot of time and greatly cuts the overhead from a skilled Jira administrator.

Some extra options like disabling templates and template-in-template are included.

A template is added to a workflow like any other workflow element. Learn more in the section regarding Condition templates.