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It's a condition that enables you to block/allow transitions by running your own Groovy Script.

You can use this condition to program your own custom logic if no predefined conditions suit your needs.

Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version2.0.0

Note that Conditions are verified every time an Issue is viewed by any user. Excessive use of computation heavy scripts might end up causing performance loss.

Condition parameters

You can choose between two methods of inputting your scripts.

  • Script template
  • Inline script

Script template - allows you to select a script from a drop-down list containing your collection of Reusable Condition Scripts.

Inline script - displays a field that allows you to input a new script from scratch. (Useful when you need to quickly add simple scripts you won't be used in other places.)

Condition verification

The transition you're verifying is enabled/disabled based on the value returned by your script.

If your script returns true, a transition is enabled and the appropriate button will appear on view/edit Issue screen.

Otherwise, Condition is not met and the transition will be blocked for the user.

The image on the right shows a simple Condition script, that disables transition for Issues without a user assigned. (It's true only when the Assignee field is NOT empty.)