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This functionality relies on Validator Templates you need to create first. More information can be found here.


This Validator enables you to use Validator Templates instead of manually adding a number of Validators to your Workflows. Simply put, Validator Templates are just sets of various Validators defined by the administrator bundled into one Validator ready be added to the Workflow Transitions.

This method not only saves your time and effort, but also prevents mistakes that potentially occur when adding the same set of Validators in multiple places in your Workflows. It also gives you the ability to globally adjust and change your Template instead of having to update every Validator one by one.

It is advised to use Validator Templates whenever you expect to use similar Validators multiple times in your Projects.

Validator parameters

When adding this Validator you will be presented with a list of Validator Templates you created earlier. Choose one to add it to your Workflow.

Creating Validator Templates is very simple. The process is practically identical to adding regular Validators offered by JIRA, so if you're familiar with JIRA workflows it should be an easy task, however you can learn more about Validator Templates here.