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This post function allows you to set an issue field value from a user property. You can select one of issue users (like the reporter or assignee, etc) or the current user. You can use this post function to:

  • Update the assignee based on the reporter's Line manager.
  • Update a support group based on the reporter's branch.
  • Set the priority based on the creator's band.
Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Post function parameters

 This post function takes the following parameters:

  • User fields - issue fields to select a user.
  • User property key.
  • Select field - issue field to be updated with a property value.
  • If user property does not exist - a strategy for not existing property keys.
  • Add source field value to destination field- valid only for relevant fields. Allows to update or replace a field value.

Example of use

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