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Tags (e.g. $$issue$$) always return quotation marks (" "), so if you want to use JQL, in which the nested query is located, you have to use one of additional special characters - escape quotation marks.

'query'InputsSecond level of JQL
\'query\'BackslashThird level of JQL

It happens because from the application point of view quotation marks (" ") have already been used.

Example JQL with tag:

issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf('issue in linkedIssuesInQuery(\'key=$$issue$$\')', 'relates')

will result with JQL

issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf('issue in linkedIssuesInQuery(\'key="DEMO-1"\')', 'relates')

This applies to all Validators, Conditionals and Post Functions in which JQL is used.

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