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Complex element

This workflow element is complex and maybe a little confusing for beginners. If you have any further questions, please contact us via our Customer Portal.


A universal user-based condition is a powerful tool that allows you to check most of the user relations in an issue.

It operates on all Jira standard and custom fields including the reporter, creator (since Jira 6.2), assignee, project lead, etc.

For example, you can build the following conditions using our solution:

  • Only/except Current Assignee can execute a transition.
  • The transition can be executed by any user but one previously executed transition from Open to In progress status.
  • The transition can be executed only if the Project lead has the "Schedule issue" permission.

Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Condition parameters 

The first (upper) list

The first list contains a number of options (subject). Most of them are connected to the current issue such as the Issue reporter, the assignee, etc. They are:

ReporterA person who entered (directly or indirectly) the issue into Jira. It can be different than the issue's creator.
CreatorA person who physically created an issue in Jira. In most cases, it's equal to the Reporter. (available in Jira 6.2 and newer).
AssigneeA person to whom the issue is currently assigned.
Current UserThe currently logged-in user.
Project LeadA user fulfilling the role of the project leader for the current project.
Specific userAny username(s) to be entered manually.
Other FieldA person is shown in any user type custom field.

The second (lower) list

The second list contains a number of conditions to be evaluated against the persons from the upper list. 

In GroupsChecks if a person is in all/any Jira groups.
In a Group fieldChecks if a person is in groups determined by a custom field.
Has rolesChecks if a person is in project roles of the project which the current issue belongs to.
Has roles(s) from a fieldChecks if a person is in roles determined by a custom field.
Has permissionsChecks if a person has specific permissions granted for the current issue.
Is also in the fieldCompares a person from an upper list with any other user type field in Jira.
The executed transition from statusA user selected from the upper list executed (whenever for the current issue) a transition from/to a status.
Is a specific userAny username(s) to be entered manually.

For most of the options listed above, you can choose between "All" or "Any" options.

Condition result inversion

Most of the Workflow PowerBox conditions including this one allow conditions inversion. If you tick the "Inverse condition" option, the checking result will be inverted. It allows you to create a set of "except" conditions such as:

  • all users except the issue Reporter can execute a transition,
  • execute transition only if the current Assignee is not in the Jira-administrators group,
  • other.

Remember that if you use an external condition that does not support result inversion, you can still inverse it using Condition Templates as described on the Condition templates page.