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Communities allow your organization to create a Forum based on Jira, which serves as a centre of cooperation, exchange ideas, solve problems and discuss important events related to the company.


Why Communities

Because social media has become so natural for employees that even at work they need a place where they can discuss, comment and exchange comments on the company's operations. Communities allow you to create a Jira-based discussion forum that can effectively replace your company's intranet in its social role.

Communities allow you to create a collaboration centre that employees can use whenever they need help in carrying out a task, have an organizational question, or simply want to discuss business matters with a larger group.

As Many Communities As Needed

Communities allow the creation of separate portals for individual departments. Thanks to this, you can create a general company forum, while giving employees of other departments your own place to exchange opinions. Thanks to this, you will be able to specify who should be the recipient of what content and you will prevent important ads from being read by unauthorized persons.

Each forum is equipped with social elements that allow commenting and rating and uses gamification to increase engagement. Everything to make your employees more active and more connected to the organization!

Discussion Accelerator

Communities users can easily express their opinions and engage in corporate affairs discussions. This improves the flow of information, in practice reducing the load on your communications and Human Resources teams.

Let the community help you

Do you have questions about the task you need to complete on Monday? Do you need support in implementing the solution? Or maybe you would like to conduct a "corridor research" of a new marketing creation among colleagues?

Ask the community a question! Find out what they have to say and let them demonstrate. The most useful comments will be highlighted to encourage employees to leave their comments.