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1-St line of support

Create a Support Ticket on Almarise Service Desk available on:

With Request Type: Data Center Help Stating the following information:

  • Size of Instance

    • Total User count,

    • Total Issue count

    • Total Custom Fields count

  • The number of application node instances runs on

  • Hardware Specs of machines each node runs on, including:

    • Processor cores

    • Total RAM memory

    • Average RAM usage over the last 30 days

  • Database Engine instance runs on,

  • A version of JIRA,

  • Name and version of the App,

  •  A detailed description of the configuration of plugin components, and related to it JIRA objects like

    users, groups, group memberships, project, project roles, project roles memberships.

  • Step-by-step description/list of operations that lead to the occurrence of unexpected/unwanted


  • Logs from node from time of unexpected/unwanted behavior including logs from package

    com.coresoftlabs (or com.almarise) on DEBUG level 

At least one additional (to the reporter) contact person

2. If no response within 24 hours (Monday – Friday)

Send an email message to providing the following information:
Issue Key from Support System and date/time of its creation.

3. If no response within the next 24 hours (Monday – Friday)

Contact product owner: Robert Dzido
+48 502 717 001

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