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Gate GPT

Governed GPT & LLM Access and Proxy

User Guide


Integrate Jira Cloud with Leading Language Models (LLMs) like GPT. Harness AI's power while ensuring governance and security.


  1. Innovative Solutions: Solve complex problems using LLMs.
  2. Integrated Workflow: Access GPT within Jira Cloud.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: Speed up ticket resolutions with AI.
  4. Custom Conversations: Engage AI via Jira comments.

Governed & Secured Access:

  1. Proxied Interaction: Safeguarded LLM access via the app.
  2. Controlled Usage: Define access and permissions.
  3. Data Privacy: Prevent inadvertent data sharing with LLMs.
  4. Transparency: Log all interactions.

Risks & Mitigations:

  1. Misinformation: Ensure LLM outputs are reviewed.
  2. Data Leakage: Use a controlled environment.
  3. Over-reliance: Maintain a balance between AI and human oversight.
Admin Guide

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