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Step 1 - Create Project Field

Go to the Project Fields, click on "Add Project Field" and choose what type of custom fields you would like to add to your project.

Currently, you can choose from:

Short Text FieldDateUser pickerSelect UserFraction numberNumberSingle selectRadio button
Long Text AreaDate with timeMulti-user pickerSelect UsersNumber with fractionSimple IntegerSelect value from listText Field with formatting
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Step 2 - Add Field details & Field configuration

You can add a Name of the Field for example Cost Center, Priorities, Size, Budget, etc., the Description and values depending on the field type you have chosen.

There is always an option to edit and/or delete the Field and its configuration.

Step 3 - Add Field to the Screen

Once you have your Field ready you should decide on which Screen do you want it to be visible. The Screen Scheme will be created automatically.

Step 4 - Edit or make changes in Screen Schemes

If you need to make any further changes, feel free to edit the Screen Scheme further.