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Protocol Overview

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network.  Read more on Wikipedia.

Implemented features

Currently FTP protocol allows you to FTP server monitor if is available or check files number in default directory after login(including hidden). It is possible to connect with FTP serivce via a proxy server. In this case make sure that your proxy server allows to make FTP connections. 

Host name formats

You can enter your server name with ftp:// or without it


Protocol settings

Pulse - Monitoring Tool for JIRA provides availability requests to the server.

You can define:

  • the "correct" response time,
  • a success service status strategy,
  • the timeout.

If the timeout is reached and you still do NOT have a response, it means that the server is down. The timeout protects your service from endless waiting for the response - after that period your service will be notified about the unavailability and the next test will be executed.


Below you can find an example of the FTP availability and a files check configuration in PULSE - Monitoring Tool for JIRA.

There are a few steps to test FTP service.

They include:

  • checking if FTP server is running on specified port,
  • estabilishing a connection with FTP server,
  • authorizing correctly,
  • counting files (including the hidden ones).

Three tests will be run and after one minute a new test series will be run. For each test the timeout equals five seconds. If ANY test from all of them (in this case - any from those three tests) will connect correctly and the number of counted files will be higher than eight, our service test result will be marked as "Success". In addition, we checked the "Collect test history" option which means that all test results will be stored in a database. It enables a status history analysis. Stored detailed results are downloadable as a CSV file.

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