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Creating a new Secure Field

Working with Permission Schemes

Configuring permissions

Adding a Secure Field

The Secure Fields plugin ships you with 11 custom field types which are distinguished by the fact that they may be given additional permissions. You can easily create any type of secure fields you want simply by logging to the JIRA's Administration page and choosing Fields > Custom Fields tab.

Clicking on the Add Custom Field button will redirect you to the table with all types listed. You just need to choose an Advanced type and select the Secure Field of your interest.

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Adding a Permission Scheme

A permission scheme is a set of user/group/role assignments for the field permissions listed below:

Field Permissions


View Field

Permission to view a field and its current value

Edit Field Value

Permission to update a field value.

View Field History

Permission to view previous secure field values.

Schemes are created within Custom Fields Permission Schemes. After that you can set up permissions.

Assigning a Secure Field to Permission Scheme

All newly created Secure Fields are automatically associated with a default scheme. You can change those settings by configuring your Secure Field in the configuration menu in the Permission Scheme section.

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Configuring Field-level permissions

Setting up permissions can be done in the Custom Fields Permission Schemes menu after choosing the Permission Scheme of interest.

You can select one or more permissions to add and who to add the selected permissions to. The users/groups/roles will be then added to the selected permissions.

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