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It's a validator that enables you to check if various Issue Fields haven't been left empty.

Transition is gonna be canceled whenever any of the specified Fields is empty. It acts similarly to changing fields to required in settings but doesn't require changing Field Configuration Schemes, allowing you to use different sets of required Fields on one Screen Scheme.

Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version2.0.0

Validator parameters

You can specify multiple Issue Fields (both default and custom) to check. You can also check Fields that appear on transition screen (e.g. forcing the user to write a comment while transitioning an Issue).

Use buttons with arrows to move your chosen fields to the "Selected Fields" section.

Example: Image on the right shows a Validator set to make sure the Issue has a user assigned to it, a Custom Date Field filled and forces the user to write a comment and attach a file when transitioning an Issue.

Displaying a message

You can change the message that will be displayed for the user when Transition fails to satisfy Validator requirements.

You can also add $$FIELD_NAME$$ and $$FIELD_ID$$ inside your message to display empty Field's name and ID respectively.