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This post function allows you to create or update a user property. You can select one of issue users (like the reporter or assignee, etc) or  the current user. The property value can take value from an issue field or can be entered as a simple text (you can use tags to be replaced). You can use this post function to:

  • Update the assignee's manager to the current user.
  • Store the date of the last transition.
  • Count the number of transitions performed by a user (when combined with another post function).
Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Post function parameters

 This post function takes the following parameters:

  • User fields - issue fields to select a user
  • User property key
  • Source of value - a fixed value to enter a free text or a field value to copy an issue field value to a user property
  • If user property does not exist - a strategy for not existing property keys

Example of use

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