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  1. Advanced Workflows Without Coding - Reusable Groovy Scripts allow even less skilled Jira admins to conjure advanced workflows.
  2. Cutting Overhead from Jira Admin - Workflow PowerBox eliminates the need for adding all conditions, validators, and post functions manually, which is a very time-consuming work. Normally, every single transition has to be updated with conditions, validators and post functions manually. With Workflow PowerBox, you can pre-define a template instead and then work with it. It's particularly useful when you often use similar sets of transition elements. 
  3. Editing Templates Edits Workflows - If you edit a template, the changes will automatically propagate to all workflows using the template. No need to change it manually (and painstakingly).
  4. Templates within Templates - You can put a template in a template. When you disable an embedded template, it is simply skipped from a workflow - a great solution for temporary changes (e.g. maintenance-related).
  5. Extending Workflow Capabilities - Additional Conditions, Validators and Post-functions speak for themselves.
  6. Conditional Validation in JiraWith our templates, you can, do conditional validation in workflow transitions and inversing conditions and validators result without scripting or coding. Now you can do advanced validation and "except-like" conditions.