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Complex element

This workflow element is complex and maybe a little confusing for beginners. If you have any further questions, please contact us via our Customer Portal.

The Universal date/time condition is an amazing extension that allows you to check most of the date or time relations in an issue.

It operates on all Jira standard and custom fields including created date, last updated date, resolution date, due date, etc.

For example, you can build the following conditions using our solution:

  • The transition can be performed only within a specific time-frame after it's resolved,
  • The transition can be executed only during business hours (e.g. 9 am - 5 pm).
Element summary
Version compatibility6.0.1 - Latest
Introduced in version1.0.0

Condition parameters

This condition takes the following parameters:

  • 1st date - the upper list
    • Issue created date
    • Updated date
    • Resolution date
    • Due Date
    • Now (current date & time)
    • Start of the day
    • Start of the week
    • Start of the month
    • Start of the year
    • End of the day
    • End of the week
    • End of the month
    • End of the year
    • Date & date/time custom fields
  • Shift the 1st date - allows you to add or subtract some time from the date you've selected.
    • None - do nothing
    • Add - adds some time to date from the first list
    • Subtract - subtracts some time from the date you've selected earlier.
  • Comparing relation - the selection of math operators to compare the 1st and the 2nd date.
  • Comparator behavior - truncating the date/time method
  • 2nd date - the lower list - the same options as for the 1st date. It will be compared with the 1st date using the options listed above.