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Idea Hub gives you the opportunity to create a place dedicated to your clients, contractors or partners. It is installed as an Atlassian Marketplace App to an existing Jira instance and linked to a project.

  1. The App extends your Jira with Idea Hub with as many Idea Portals as you need.
  2. Users (both Customers and Employees, depending on your needs) can submit new ideas.
  3. The ideas are discussed, rated and developed by the users.
  4. Later on, you filter out the most successful ideas.
  5. Outstanding ideas are then assessed by a Commitee selected by you.
  6. The Commitee rates the Ideas using the MoSCoW method.
  7. Top-rated ideas can be immediately moved to development team in Jira.

Create an Ecosystem Around Your Product

Idea Hub users will be able to freely express opinions about your products and services, publish their ideas, evaluate the opinions of others and discuss among themselves.


Create Trends in Your Industry

This gives you great development opportunities for your projects that thanks to the community in Idea Hub will continue to grow in accordance with current trends and market requirements. Forget about chasing competition - now you will know best what functionalities your stakeholders need!

Expand Your Product Backlog

Thanks to the constantly flowing ideas strictly selected by your users, you have a ready portion of new possibilities that are immediately suitable for consideration and introduction in Product Backlog.

Moderate Discussion

Each Idea Portal is managed by a moderator who controls the emerging ideas. He is responsible for ensuring that every idea is complete in substantive terms, but also for discussions to lead to valuable conclusions.

Assess & Implement

The best ideas of users do not always turn out to be possible to implement or correspond to the organization's vision. Idea Hub allows you to create an Assessment Center in which an internal Committee consisting of, for example, Product Owner, Project Manager and representatives of the marketing and sales department can choose the ideas that will add the greatest value to the project at any given time.

Manage as Many Projects as Needed

Each project is part of one larger Meta Portal, which allows you to simultaneously create portals for all your projects, and users can quickly and easily switch between them and discuss on several levels.

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