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The Challenge

Support Team consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd (dev team) levels of support.

Together they handle incidents which are categorized into 4 different priority levels. 

There are 3 different SLA agreements in place: Time to First Response, Time to Resolution and Root Cause Fix Time (if applicable). Time limits for each SLA are set depending on Incident priority. 

Additionally, teams operate in different schedules: 1st Line Support is available 24/7 while 2nd and 3rd line teams work 8 hrs a day, 5 days per week. 

Incident Priority Time to First Response Time to Resolution Root Cause fix time
Critical1 business hour6 business hours2 business days
High2 business hours2 business days6 business days
Medium4 business hours6 business days10 business days
Low6 business hours8 business days15 business days
1st Line Support24/7
2nd Line Support8/5
3rd Line Support8/5

The Solution

Thanks to the SLA PowerBox app Team Manager can configure separate clocks for each SLA.

The time limit for each metric will be defined based on the Incident priority. Further, SLA PowerBox allows the configuration of different calendars.

Following the instruction on SLA Calendar page, we have configured 2 different Calendars: one for the 1st Line Support team which is active 24/7 and another one for the 2nd and 3rd Lines of Support.

1st Line Support with 24/7 schedule:

2nd and 3rd Lines with standard business hours schedule:

SLA Goals will be created for each respective SLA. The example of Time to First Response goal which is priority based is attached below. Time to Resolution and Root Cause Fix Time goals are based on the same criteria but with different time ranges and calendar. 

In this example, we will use the simplified SLA Behaviours for each metric. All SLAs start when the issue is created. Time to First Response finishes when the issue is commented on. Time to Resolution is finished when the issue is moved to a particular status e.g. Temporary Solution Provided and Root Cause Fix Time SLA finishes when the resolution is set. Below are the SLA Behaviours of every metric. 

Time to First Response

Time to Resolution

Root Cause Fix Time

We created three SLA Agreements and configured each with respective SLA Goals and Behaviours. 

SLA in Action

When the new issue is raised all SLA clocks start counting time. The amount of time before the deadline is defined by the issue priority. 

  • After the issue is commented on, Time to First Response metric finishes while Time to Resolution and Root Cause Fix Time clocks keep counting. 

  • When the issue status is set to "Temporary Solution", Time to Resolution metric is finished. 

  • Finally, after the resolution is provided for the issue, Root Cause Fix Time clock is finished. 

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