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Basics & Benefits

Our App gives you a possibility to create announcements (banners, flags, etc.) in 6 different places in Jira Software and Jira Service Management! However, our announcements can be more than just passive information - Users can give you various answers (eg. Approve/Reject) pre-defined by you.

Advanced process of creating and supervising

The one and only Jira app, which gives you so many options to configure your announcements

Feeds mean less overhead for your Jira admin

Instead of configuring new messages over and over again, you can create a Feed (similar to newsfeed) and define its target group. Moreover, you can delegate creating notifications to non-admins (e.g. your communication or maintenance team).

Forget about messenger services or e-mails 

Everything will happen in the working environment of your employees.

No problems introducing a new employee or client to Jira

You don't have to remember and worry about anything! The whole onboarding process can be completely automated from the day you will start using Announcement Feeds.

Feedback. Now!  

This app can force users to provide answers to the questions that you want to ask - surveys, acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions and so on.

Full control of your announcements

We give you access to statistics, so you can follow the results of the selected announcement and the selected User. You won't miss anything! 

Step-by-step Presentation